Friday, 1 June 2012

How Rocky became a stray at Spanish Stray Dogs / El Refugio

Rocky yesterday
JIMENA Rocky belonged to a couple, Steve and Dot, who lived in Jimena for quite some time. They decided to leave, we're told, but they couldn't or wouldn't take their dog with them. They left Rocky with friends asking for him to be taken care of. Here's a message we had on our (new) Facebook page from Spanish Stray Dogs: "Yes it is, Alberto, we received a message today from somebody else who recognized him, so you are the second person to say that this is Rocky. The family have left him and gone back to England. They could have taken him with them; we would have been happy to advise them on getting his passport and travel. But for some reason they have dumped him, its a very cruel way to treat a dog and very upsetting for him to be thrown into a killing station which is crammed full. Amee xx" You just don't do that to a dog!!! (Please see comment below!)

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PROSPERO said...

We have just been contacted by friends of Steve & Dot who say that they had to leave Jimena for very serious family issues and were unable to take Rocky with them. Arrangements had been made but these were not carried out. However, Rocky will be taken care of at Spanish Stray Dogs by these friends. More information on this subject as it comes.