Thursday, 21 June 2012

Jimena council tax first pay period ends on July 27

JIMENA The Council Tax officially known as Impuesto de Bienes Inmuebles (IBI), colloquially contribuciones, is divided into two pay periods in Jimena. The first of these runs out on July 27, the last Friday of the month. The second payment period begins on August 15 and ends on November 15. If you haven't made direct debit arrangements, you can go to a local bank (Cajasol, Unicaja, La Caixa) with your bill and pay it in, or head for the Oficina de Recaudación on the opposite side of the street from the town hall. If you live in San Pablo or Tesorillo, you can pick up a bill in at the local authority offices there. (See also: Can I pay my IBI bill directly into Town Hall's account?) PLEASE NOTE: CampoPulse will soon be offering the same kind of 'reminder' service as this for the other six municipalities in the Campo de Gibraltar area. And a lot more besides.

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