Thursday, 21 June 2012

Scam alert in Tarifa and Algeciras

TARIFA & ALGECIRAS Aqualia, the water company for Tarifa, announced yesterday that there may well be a scam going on that is using the company's name. It said in a communiqué that it had detected several phone calls to homes to inform the occupants that there is a problem with the water quality, leading to a visit to the home, alleging the need to analyse it - the aim  is to sell products, apparently. The same tactic has appeared in the El Rinconcillo section of Algeciras. Apparently the scam consists of trying to sell a 'flow reduction' gadget to be fitted to taps in the house. The company says that they do not carry out any kind of trade in this way, and that use of their name could be a crime. The quality of the water, it adds, meets all requirements and there is no question of any problems.

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