Wednesday, 20 June 2012

King to fishermen: "We are working at a solution and backing you"

Photo: Grupo Joly/Fran Montes
ALGECIRAS King Juan Carlos spent a good part of the day in Algeciras. He arrived by helicopter at about 1pm, landing at the port, on the pier that carries his name and which he opened 12 years ago. He then visited the 'Rio Segura' Guardia Civil patrol vessel. From there he went to the Guardia Civil headquarters, where he listened to an explanation of what the Straits Maritime Watch Service does at its various command posts. Among other subjects, he was told about the unit's vigilance regarding illegal immigration and smuggling operations. At the last stage of his visit, the King received representatives of the fishing community in the area, who are currently involved in controversy with the Government of Gibraltar regarding claims on the waters around the Rock. After listening to their protestations, including one that said that the controversy "is not about the environment, nor about fishing; it is political." The King's concluding words were, "We are working (towards a solution), and we are on your side."

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