Friday, 15 June 2012

Local beaches get six black flags and three 'black spots'

Los Lances (Tarifa): Idyllic?
CAMPO DE GIBRALTAR The approach (the arrival, more likely) of summer brings out the factions that award flags to beaches: blue flags, good, black flags, bad. It's the pressure group Ecologistas en Acción that award the black ones, of course, as well as 'black spots'. They announced their 'awards' on Tuesday, but there were few surprises as they are almost the same as last year's list, which also means that no action was taken by the authorities. The black flags go to the beaches at Atlanterra and Los Lances in Tarifa; the Isla Verde area in Algeciras; the coastline running from Palmones to Guadarranque (Los Barrios and San Roque respectively); and the beach at La Atunara in La Línea. Plus, the whole of the Bay of Algeciras gets a black flag, too. The reasons behind these choices lie as usual in the release of raw sewage into the sea, and the result of bunkering that causes oil slicks. The 'black spots', i.e. dangerous waters, are designated at Paloma Baja and Los Alemanes beaches in Tarifa, and the Algeciras Port front. (See Five blue flags for Campo beaches this year)

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