Thursday, 21 June 2012

Reader's comment: that poor dog!

JIMENA Via e-mail: "The poor, poor boxer in the square  -  I have just been down and put some ADVANTIX on him and hope it may give him some relief.  He is red-raw with sores where he has been scratching. What is the position with him?  I will pay for a vet to treat him if there is something that can be done. Can you advise me?" Our answer: he belongs to a nasty man not far away from where I took the photo. There is an excellent vet in Castellar, who happens to be a neighbour of mine and he cares about these things. Not sure that our local Carlos vet would be a good bet as he does things with horses for the people whose dog it is. However, Victor my neighbourly vet (also a neighbour of theirs) might. I will see him this evening and ask what he thinks. Ideally, of course, it would be removed from the area altogether - maybe Spanish Stray Dogs would try to find him a home if he's on the way to be cured (anyone at SSD?)


Tanya said...

I have just spent the morning at Spanish stray dogs, they are overflowing with dogs there in fact over 140. They are desperate for volunteers to help out even if its only an hour just to walk a few or play with the many puppies they have. Surely Carlos the vet can help this poor dog has anyone asked him? If there are any readers who are willing to give an hour or so to SSD please let me know, I will be going every Thursday morning so if you would like a lift just me a shout. Many Thanks Tanya

Anonymous said...

what a terrible shame for this poor dog how auful. First of all I think you need to find out if the dog is microchipped as if it is then you will need the owners permisson to remove it. Maybe if you can speak with the owners and ask if they would be willing to give the dog up if a new home could be found. However if there is no microchip in the dog then they have no real proof that the dog belongs to them and are breaking the law if they do not have him chipped and with a rabies vaccine and can be liable to being denounced by Seprona the animal police. Please contact me by email

46875369N said...

Hi, I think the dog might have mange, but then I´m not a vet. He is a sweet boxer and would be a great adoption. I could try and help out by talking to the "owner" and seeing if he is willing to part with the dog. If there is anything I can do to help do not hesitate to contact me at