Thursday, 14 June 2012

Reader's Question: How can I stop Movistar from calling me with a sales pitch?

(Via e-mail) "I got totally freaked out by Movistar today - I received 4 calls from them, 3 during siesta and one at 9.20 tonight.  I called 1004 in an absolute fury and was told by the girl to log on to  There was no way I could get this website to translate into English.  Can you help me before I throw my phone, and anything else to do with Movistar, into the river (probably not enough water in there anyway!) and slit my throat." Our (temporary) answer: Please refrain from throwing your phone system or yourself into the river - there's not enough water, as you say. As for slitting anything, practice on a cat or another such animal first (when in Spain ...). While you disentangle yourself from all those cables, I will attempt to find out how to stop those calls effectively. (Do I detect a need for more Spanish?)

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Anonymous said...

Movistar, worst company of the year, third time in a row: