Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Real Feria 2012, June 17 to 24

ALGECIRAS This year's feria is scheduled to be opened on Sunday, June 17th, and closes on the following Sunday, the 24th. Activities and events are extensive, ranging from bullfights (see separate item) to a firework display, and from a cattle market to poetry competitions, including musical events and parades (See full programme booklet here). This feria is the most important in the Campo de Gibraltar inasmuch as it has a long history, and it is honoured by being a Real ('Royal'). The very first feria that had Royal Permission took place on the first three days of June, 1850, and included a popular romería (pilgrimage) to Los Pinos - now built up beyond recognition, unsurprisingly. Watch this space for some local history about various things related to the Feria Real.

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