Saturday, 23 June 2012

SUMMER READING: Headlines and links from the original JimenaPulse

Gibraltar border slowdown (June, 2008); Tarifa in Top 10 world beaches (June 2008); Let's Improve this blog! (July 2007); Letters Received (July 2007); Che Guevara Dies in San Pablo (Minus photos, July 2007); Our Councillors and What They Earn (August 2007); Bull Shot Dead in Marbella, Three Women Injured (October 2007); Nudism on Beaches Curtailed (August 2009 and we didn't even notice the pun until now!); Pirate pay-TV arrests in Andalucía and Canaries (August 2007); Did you Know? World’s largest solar power tower is in Sevilla (May 2009); Are the chiringuitos saved? (April 2009); Music Festival: New Orleans Jump Band (June 2009 - with YouTube movie); Music Festival: Pilar Jurado (June 2009 - with video); Sports Roundup Now Includes Cricket (June 2009); Earthquake in Castellar? (September 2009); Are You Monogamous? The Answer's on Your Ring Finger (September 2009). Right, a little something for everyone. You can mark this item among your Bookmarks or Favourites, so you can come back to it when you like. (That's a very naff heading we had then, isn't it?)

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