Thursday, 7 June 2012

Weekend nights bus service for the coastal area during the summer

Algeciras Bay
CAMPO DE GIBRALTAR The Public Transport Consortium for the Campo announced that it would be setting up a bus line that joins up La Línea, San Roque, Algeciras and Tarifa on weekend nights, beginning on June 15 and ending on September 15. This according to Dolres Hillmer, Councillor for Youth at La Línea, who heard the news at a meeting of her colleagues called by the consortium. Although the exact schedule has not yet been finalised, the idea is to transport youth safely on Friday and Saturday nights. The service will also have a guard aboard every bus. However, there is no news of any similar service for the towns further inland, Jimena and Castellar, or whether Los Barrios is included in the line. (Prospero comment: The two inland municipalities have has much youth, proportionately, as anywhere else. Are their lives any less valuable?)

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