Monday, 16 July 2012

Guardia Civil investigate possible GHB-related rape

TARIFA A 19 year old woman from Barcelona was taken to the local health centre on Sunday morning. At six in the morning the Local Police found her wandering near the beach in a state of great anxiety and completely disoriented. Having started the evening out in the company of several friends, she thought she had at some point been raped, according to press release, which began an investigation by the Guardia Civil and led her to be taken to the Punta de Europa Hospital in Algeciras for an exploration. The woman was unable to describe any attacker or remember much about the incident, although as time went by she could recall that she had spent most of the night with a young man. All her symptoms are related to what is sometimes described as 'the rapist's drug', GHB, or Gamma Hydroxybutyric acid, and also known as scoop and 'liquid Ecstasy' - éxtasis líquido' in Spain. Like alcohol and potent>>>
benzodiazepines such as Rohypnol (the trade name of a potent hypnotic drug), GHB has been labeled as a date rape drug. The sodium form of GHB has an extremely salty taste but, as it is colourless and odorless, it has been described as "very easy to add to drinks" that mask the flavor. GHB has been used in cases of drug-related sexual assault, usually when the victim is vulnerable due to intoxication with a sedative, generally alcohol. It is difficult to establish how often GHB is used to facilitate rape as it is difficult to detect in a urine sample after a day, and many victims may not recall the rape until some time after this, although GHB can be detected in hair. (Source: Wikipedia description)

On searching for an illustration for this item, we found numerous websites in Spanish -no doubt they exist in English- selling this drug. In some countries, and, we believe, in Spain, it is a legal medication, with this -what? - side effect?

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