Monday, 2 July 2012

Here we go again!

JIMENA Not a week has gone by from the poor dog saga (See various references all over Facebook, Google+, etc.) when we found this puppy near the campsite at the top of the village. She is very thin, full of mange, has swollen feet, but can be saved, we think. If you can do anything about it, please do. The Seprona number is 062, which is the Guardia Civil emergency number, of which Seprona is the nature conservation unit and is supposed to see to these things. Please watch this space for the beginnings of an animal protection society for Jimena (it's a long bureaucratic procedure to become legal). A fund raising lunch is scheduled for Thursday July 12, at Casa Henrietta - more info and reminders coming up soon! (In the meantime, pencil this one in.)

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