Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Junta to decide on San Martín del Tesorillo's segregation within four months

Tesorillo from the air
Concern about the elimination of Mancomunidades
JIMENA / Tesorillo (Agencies) This outlying village within the municipality of Jimena de la Frontera is partially governed by a Local Autonomous Entity (ELA in its Spanish acronym). It has been so for a good number of years as the first step towards complete separation from the 'mother council' and becoming a municipality in its own right. Much of the delay could probably be placed at the door of politics. However, the head of the ELA, Belén Jarillo (PP), announced recently that the divorce is closer than ever. After a meeting with the Director General of the Junta's Governing Council on Local Administration, she said that there are a few more steps through which the documentation presented in 2010 must go through, and that 'could take about another four months'. However, Jarillo also voiced her concern about the state of Mancomunidades and the possibility of these and other minor local administrations being eliminated.

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