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The language of fans – be careful!

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It is hot and fans are out in force
SPAIN We will not guarantee that the language of fans will be understood by everyone; like sign language, it depends on the 'mother tongue' - yes, Spanish sign language is different to the English version. As for fans, or abanicos, we have tried to bring together the essence of how fans were (are?) used as a means of communication usually between men and women, though there are indications that it was also used by the gay community, particularly during periods when homosexuality was severely persecuted. If you’re wondering, men can and do use fans, these tend to be smaller and plain, compared to the female versions. In any case, it's the way people communicated clandestinely long before internet! Having researched the subject extensively (though never put it into play), we discovered that there can be different meanings to the same movement or expression, both of which we indicate below. All in all, we're glad we're men and have only to interpret what is meant by the lady holding the fan - come to think of it, "there's nothing new there, then." Anyway, ladies, you're on your own from here.>>> 

YES: rest the fan on the right cheek.
NO: rest the fan on the left cheek.
I CAN’T GO OUT: appear briefly at the balcony, fanning yourself slowly, go back inside, shutting the balcony doors.
I’LL BE OUT SOON: appear briefly at the balcony, fanning yourself excitedly and go back inside quickly, leaving the balcony doors open.

WAIT FOR ME: open fan fully and display like a peacock.
FOLLOW ME: fan in right hand in front of face.
I WANT TO GET TO KNOW YOU: fan in left hand in front of face.
I DON’T TRUST YOU: rest the fan on your lips.
DON’T FLIRT WITH THAT WOMAN: fan yourself with the left hand.

I WANT TO TALK TO YOU: run your fingers along fan ribs / touch tip of fan with finger tips.
DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME, I DON’T CARE FOR YOU: fan yourself very slowly.
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH: fan yourself quickly / hide eyes behind closed fan / draw fan across the cheek.
DON’T FORGET ME: remove hair from forehead (fan open)
FORGET ABOUT ME: remove hair from forehead (fan closed)

YOU ARE LOOKING AT ANOTHER WOMAN: pass fan from hand to hand.
LOVE ME: hit palm with the fan.
I’M ENGAGED: hang closed fan in left hand / fan yourself slowly.
I’M MARRIED: fan yourself slowly.
I WANT TO BE ENGAGED: hang closed fan in right hand

I’M JEALOUS: close fan quickly and imperiously.
YOU HAVE WON MY LOVE: place fan near heart.
WHEN CAN I SEE YOU? touch right eye with the fan.
AT WHAT TIME? the number of ribs showing tells the time of the rendezvous.
BE CAREFUL, DON’T BE SO IMPULSIVE (someone’s watching) threatening movement of fan / twirl fan in left hand.

YOU MAY KISS ME: press half-opened fan to lips / touch fan handle to lips.
FORGIVE ME: hands clasped together holding open fan.
I’M SORRY: draw fan across the eyes.
DO NOT BETRAY ME: cover left ear with an open fan.
I PROMISE TO MARRY YOU: shut a fully open fan slowly.

YOU ARE CRUEL: open and close fan several times.
WE WILL BE FRIENDS: drop the fan.
I LOVE SOMEONE ELSE: twirl fan in right hand.
I WANT TO GET RID OF YOU / GO AWAY: hold fan over left ear.
YOU HAVE CHANGED: draw fan across the forehead.
YOU ARE TOO WILLING: carry open fan in right hand.
Oooops, sorry, wrong fans!

COME AND TALK TO ME: carry open fan in left hand.
I HATE YOU! Draw the fan through the hand. 

DISCLAIMER: This site is not responsible for the possible consequences of using the above language of fans. Use of same is entirely the responsibility of the user and who said same is used upon (you work this language out for yourself: it's legalese...)

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