Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Over 70,000 cigarrette packs confiscated in June

Man arrested at frontier for attacking Guardia
LA LÍNEA (Press release) In a communiqué issued last week, the Guardia Civil announced that 70,306 packs of cigarrettes of numerous brands, were confiscated at the Customs point at the frontier with Gibraltar during the month of June. Other confiscations related to tobacco smuggling: 221 vehicles, 29 motorbikes and 37 bicycles; 526 reports for 'administrative infractions' were issued as well. The press release also states that there has been a considerable increase in tobacco smuggling cases over the last years, which has lead to an increase in personnel and controls at the post. In another incident earlier in the week a man was taken into custody when he attacked a Guardia at the Customs post after being asked repeatedly for the documents of the car he was driving and requested to get out of the vehicle. He was subdued after resisting arrest with violence.

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