Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Government proposes eliminating Mancomunidades

Mancomunidad de Municipios
Campo de Gibraltar
SPAIN A Mancomunidad de Municipios is an organization set up by a number of municipalities in order to employ politicians they don't know what to do with. No, the supposed objective is to create yet another layer of government purpotedly to obtain the benefits of volume purchases for services that would otherwise be too expensive for an individual municipality. There are 1,432 Mancomunidades in Spain, mostly established during the Socialist era, that have set up 'public' companies to supply such as water, street cleaning, waste management, gardening, maintenance, etc. However, given the fractious nature of local politics it has always been difficult to get all the municipalities in a given Mancomunidad to agree to use the same services as their neighbour (if the company was set up by the PSOE, the PP would find a way of not using it when in power, and vice versa ad nauseam - a good local example is San Roque)

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