Friday, 13 July 2012

Tarifa charges for beach parking

'Barrier' to stop caravans
TARIFA The Council has decided that it can charge for parking on or near its beaches, which is why access to the one at Los Lances has seen numerous arguments and traffic queues of late. Charges are up to €5 for caravans and mobile homes, despite the fact that the access roads and the beaches themselves are 'in the public domain', in other words they do not belong to the Council. Charges are also being made at Valdevaqueros and Bolonia, though these are for parking on municipal ground. Charges are being applied from 9 to 9 and do not allow camping or overnight stays. After 9pm, vehicles parked in the areas marked out by barriers, could be fined. Parking and staying overnight have always been a problem in what the Councillor for Beaches, José Antonio Santos, says are the "beaches of the region", but they have always been free of charge. In fact, permission to charge has previously been denied by the Demarcación de Costas (the coastline demarcation authority of the Junta de Andalucía).

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