Friday, 13 July 2012

60% of Spaniards say the problem with Gibraltar is not important

The Spanish point of view
44% say that Spain should reduce tension
MADRID Close to 60% of people surveyed by the Real Instituto Elcano (a well known think tank) said recently that the current problems regarding territorial waters and fishing rights, has 'little' (41%) or 'none' (15.5%) effect on the country's overall foreign relations. The survey was carried out on 1000 people during the first half of June, and also reveals that 14.7% of those polled say that the problem is 'very' important, and 20.3% say it is 'fairly' so. These results vary according to political ideology: among the 'Right' 50% say it is an important issue, but 30% of those in the 'centre' or 'Left' of the political spectrum say it is 'fairly' important. The poll shows that public opinion is divided on the strategies leveled recently (and currently) regarding the presence of fishing boats and members of the British Royal Family on or near the Rock. In fact, 44% say that Spain should lower tensions, while 41.2% believe that diplomatic pressure should be increased. 60% of those on the Right agree with the latter proposition, and about half of those surveyed agree with the former.

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