Monday, 25 June 2012

Is it too late for this dog?

JIMENA It may be too late for this dog, despite the efforts of someone who is willing to pay for it him to be cured, if that's possible (See original item here - and read the comments). We're told by a vet that they couldn't touch it without the permission of the owner, who cannot, or will not, be found - yet just about everyone we've spoken to about it knows who that is, as we do. As we were taking this photograph we ran into Councillor Pascual Collado, the former Mayor. He told us that back then he had rescinded the 'dog-catcher' contract with El Refugio (now supported by Spanish Stray Dogs?) because "it simply didn't work" (we would like to hear from a representative of El Refugio on the subject). As a result, he discovered that there is not a single enterprise of any repute in the entire province that will do the job properly, something that impacts every single municipality. Mancomunidad announced recently that it was doing a feasibility study on creating such an enterprise, but, as we said, it will be too late for this dog. There is more on this subject coming up shortly: watch this space.

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Anonymous said...

Just cut out the red tape and take the dog away take it to another vet and save its life while everyone is going on and on about the bureaucracy of the situation the poor animal is suffering somewhere if it hasn'
t already been killed