Thursday, 16 August 2012

21 year old was allegedly killed with 14 stabs by her mother

The funeral
Isabel was buried on Tuesday in Chipiona
CHIPIONA (Prov. of  Cádiz) (Agencies) She died on Monday of the 14 stabs she supposedly received from her mother, who was arrested and taken to the mental health unit of the local hospital, and will be taken to court today, if her doctors allow it. Only one of the stabs could have been fatal, according to Guardia Civil reports; they are continuing their investigations to obtain as much proof of the incident as possible. The incident took place on Monday morning, when around eleven o'clock, a waiter at a nearby venta found mother and daughter in a car parked in front of their house in a rural area known as Pago del Abulagar. The daughter was dead. It would appear that a not unusal argument ended in a tragedy this time. Neighbours say that the relationship between them was not good; they argued often and heatedly. The mother, identified by the initials R.D., was separated from her husband and lived with her daughter, who, say some, could have had mental health problems ('problema de nervios' is the term often used).

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