Thursday, 16 August 2012

Jimena and San Pablo roads to be improved

Forty kilometers of roads to undergo works - but when?
JIMENA (Press release) The provincial road authorities announced on Monday that tenders are being invited for improvements to roads on the northern part of the Campo de Gibraltar. More specifically, these are the CA-8201 that runs from Jimena to Puerto Galis (known as the Ubrique road), a stretch of 18kms, and the CA-8200, which goes from San Pablo de Buceite to San Martín del Tesorillo, some 22kms. How these are to be financed is not made clear in the press release we saw, but if the present economic climate is anything to go by, we wonder when exactly work might be scheduled to begin - and end. These roads have been under the magnifying glass of various ministries and local government entities for a number of years, so please allow us, and you, a pinch of salt.

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