Monday, 20 August 2012

Border queues cause illegal parking in La Línea

Parking in the park - a no-no
Local Police removed or fined 42 cars last week
LA LÍNEA The usual summer queues to enter Gibraltar, plus expensive parking on the Rock, mean that many drivers find it easier to park on the Spanish side and walk in. However, many of them do not relise that they are not allowed to park anywhere near the border other than in the 'blue zones', and ceratinly not on the grass (or dust?) of the Reina Sofía Park. So the Local Police are calling drivers to be responsible about where they park. Just last week they fined a total of 42 cars, and took away five of them. The park is a Green Zone according to local regulations, where vehicular traffic of any kind is strictly forbidden. At the beginning of last week the local newspaper Europa Sur published an article calling attention to many cars and caravans parked on grassland just the other side of the road adjacent to the border, which may have motivated the move by La Línea Council.

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