Monday, 20 August 2012

British couple arrested for growing marihuana in their patio

LA LÍNEA / Alcaidesa (Agencies) Units of the National Police arrested a British couple last week when they discovered that J.M.L.V., male and 25, and L.M.F.M., female and 24, were growing commercial quantities of cannabis sativa plants in the courtyard of their home at Alcaidesa, with the intention of preparing and selling it. The home contained a room prepared specifically for drying the plants, with halogen lamps, dryers and other equipment. The police became aware of these activities at the end of June and spent several weeks in watching the home and the area, following vehicles and people entering and leaving the area, and other such activities 'despite the difficulties inherent in this kind of operation, with perpetrators setting ever improved security equipment', according to a statement. Once the plants were cut down, they weighed almost 25 kilos, with a street value calculated at €104,600.

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