Wednesday, 8 August 2012

(Fictional) Reader's Question: Why has there been nothing new on CampoPulse for a whole three days??

...and the answer is: because Prospero is on holiday!! Well, sort of. Not really, just doing things for which he gets paid - and paying old bills with. If, on the other hand, this answer bothers you, you don't have to do anything other than make a handsome donation via the sidebar PayPal icon (it says, DONATE, in case you're not familiar with it). Prospero has not been to the beach yet, as his incredibly white legs will attest. He has not been to the polo at Sotogrande either, because he can't afford the tickets, which are free. He has only been to various official and unofficial offices, to attend to other people's bureaucratic needs, and he has been attending to the excessive needs of a very small cat, which sleeps in his hair. So there. (Relax, there's some good stuff coming up, people.)

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