Wednesday, 8 August 2012

New ways to fine traffic violations

Pinar del Rey, San Roque
Pinar del Rey is also included
SAN ROQUE (Agencies)  The Council has changed its traffic ordinances to become adapted to the agreement it signed recently with the provincial Diputación, whereby the latter will manage all the fines related to urban traffic regulations. The project includes the provincial authority having to provide all related resources, including human, material and technological. Fines will therefore be issuedon site, via Blackberry, and unpaid fines will be recovered through the Local Police. It is expected that the rules regarding vehicle traffic -forbidden in the larger part of the forest area, with a single track exception- at Pinar del Rey will be policed more easily with these measures. The new regulations will be in force as soon as it is published in the official provincial bulletin, BOP. More changes to the traffic laws include:>>>
vehicles with sound emissions louder than permitted. If the sound measurements exceed these limits, the vehicle will be clamped and removed until the matter goes to court. This includes emissions from independent sound equipment that create a nuisance to neighbours and others - and also includes using earphones of any kind even if these do not release sound.

The speed limit in this area is the same as that for any urban environment, i.e. 50 kph. Lower limits apply as indicated, while on pedestrian areas (in an emergency) and one way streets, the limit is 10 kph.

The new ordinances also deal with signs and signals. If needed by private businesses or individuals requesting it, the Local Police can offer barriers or cones for signals on streets where building is being carried out. The cost of one cone is €12 per day; €40 per barrier per day. Traffic signs will cost €30, and closing off a street, depending on the time of day required, will be between €45 and €150.

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