Friday, 3 August 2012

Police still searching for explosives missing from La Línea house

Where one alleged terrorist
worked in Gibraltar
Flat in San Roque linked to the two Chechnyan men arrested in Ciudad Real · RGP helps search of Turk's workplace
LA LÍNEA (Agencies) The National Police are still searching for explosives that were missing from the flat where one alleged Al-Qaeda terrorist was arrested yesterday. Their search of the house yesterday, with trained K-9 units, only revealed traces of the explosives, but the police are convinced that they will find a great deal more. The alert came from the dogs, who reacted very nervously even though the house was almost empty of explosives; the home had evidently been cleaned shortly before it was raided. A flat in San Roque was also raided on Thursday, believed to be where the two men from Chechnya -one of whom is a deserter from Russian special forces- had supposedly been living. In Gibraltar, the RGP, together with the Spanish National Police, searched the workplace of the other member of the Al-Qaeda cell, a Turkish national. No arms or explosives were found at either place, but documents and computer information were taken to be analysed.

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