Friday, 24 August 2012

School holidays: having your cake and eating it

ANDALUCÍA On Monday we will be offering the complete school holiday schedule for the 2012-13 year that starts on Monday September 10 for Primary, and Monday 17 for Secondary. As we are preparing that right now, we are seeing at least two cases where long weekends (the infamous puentes, or 'bridges') have been carefully crafted to favour the teachers, not the students or their parents - hence the headline. Long-time readers will know that one of the many bees in Prospero's bonnet (wossat buzzing??) has to do with the disastrous education offered in Andalucía, so he's at it again (Watch this space!) However, a report on the BBC's Today programme had a piece the other day that said that children who receive support at home (more on this at another time) are more likely to succeed. What it didn't say was what happens to kids who get support at home but none at school. 'Hmm,' says Prosp.

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