Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Yihadists are indignant about terrorist arrests

Spanish speaking islamists insult National Police on Facebook
LA LÍNEA (Agencies) Spanish speaking Islamists, or Yihadists, have been bombarding Facebook with insults and threats aimed at the Policía Nacional and the successful operation that caught three alleged terrorists planning an attack on the Puerta de Europa shopping centre in Algeciras. One online news site says that most of the 'comments' on Facebook say that the three are 'free of all guilt' and deny the existence of Al-Qaeda. The operation happened during the holy month of Ramadan, for which comments included such niceties as that the three are 'victims of the bastard police, who are no more than a herd of hyenas', that the Spanish police are holding  'an offensive against Muslims'. The media comes into its share of abuse because it 's carrying out 'media persecution'. Some more: 'Christians to Rome', 'This is Al-Andalus' (a Muslim heritage in Andalucía claimed by Osama Bin Laden), and 'Yihad first, and the cause for Allah.

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