Tuesday, 21 August 2012

PGOU, what does it mean to you?

'A very complex, specialised thing' says expert
JIMENA Many cities, towns and villages in Spain, though probably more so in Andalucía, are in the midst of renovating, updating, their General Urban Ordinance Plan (PGOU in its Spanish acronym), which is the plan that affects the municipality in its urban development, and whose current version dates back to 1984, although there is a so-called 'modification' that is being applied by the planning office in the town hall.PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ITEMS SUCH AS THIS WILL SOON BE SUBJECT TO SUBSCRIPTION.

Having spent two very hot hours in the Casa de la Cultura conference room in Jimena recently, we now have a better idea about what and how one of these plans will impact the municipality. However, we were warned that the material presented below is very much in the planning stage, or at any rate, its public exhibition phase. This means that final approval could be some five or six years away. Right now, if a proprietor has any reason to object to the present plans, such objection must be registered at the town hall before October 10. The objection, and an alternative, must be presented in such a way, and in such language that will not only be clearly understood (i.e. NOT 'I object because I don't like it'!). To quote one expert at the meeting, 'this is a very complex thing, very specialised, and many will have to hire the services of highly specialised solicitors.' We hope this last doesn't apply to you, Dear Reader, but you can always ask our friends at TranslationHELP, where the fees start at only €15 per hour (Alberto on 685 052 684).

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