Tuesday, 4 September 2012

73-year-old carer charged with £300,000 theft

(Photo: ward-signs.co.uk)
Faces 10 year jail sentence
GIBRALTAR (GibChronicle) A 73-year old Spanish woman appeared in court yesterday accused of stealing £300,000 from a local octogenarian who she cared for. Margarita Gómez Sanchez, from La Línea, was arrested by detectives and charged with two counts of theft. She is alleged to have stolen money from the bank account of an 87-year old woman in Gibraltar whom she had looked after for several years. Wearing a long floral-print dress, Sra Gómez was allowed to sit outside the secure dock while her lawyer, Eric Ellul, made a bail application. Her relatives watched the proceedings from the public gallery. (Read the full story here.)

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