Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Marbella fire impacts Julio Iglesias home

Next door to British man who died
MÁLAGA / Ojén The residents of all kinds of urbanizations in the five municipalities that became involved in last weekend's fire (Coín, Alhaurín el Grande, Mijas, Marbella and Ojén) have tragic stories to tell. One of them is that of the caretakers at the Julio Iglesias home in Ojén, Reposo del Guerrero, above Marbella. They were evacuated in time and had to stay away for 24 hours as the fire came up very close to the house. The singer and his wife, Miranda, and children had already left for their Miami residence, when the fires broke out, but>>>SOON YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO READ THE REST OF ITEMS SUCH AS THIS UNLESS YOU SUBSCRIBE. Subscription information will b available soon.>>>
he is in daily contact with them to find out how things are going. As it is, it would appear from the outside that damage is largely restricted to the grounds. However, a big selection and plantation of trees, many of which were brought in from abroad, has been severely damaged, as has a fruit orchard on the premises, of which the singer was proud and from where he would offer his guests a take away present

Reposo del Guerrero is a very large, luxurious property. It is also controversial.

It was rebuilt during the notorious post-Gil era, when planning permission was issued to just about anyone ready to pay the right bribes to the right people. It is said, though we are unable to find any concrete evidence, that he was able to have the home done up, and buy some land next door, without any trouble at the time, but would be unable to do so today, when the laxity of the planning laws have been tightened.

According to sources nearby, the Iglesias mansion is next door, or at least very close to that of the 78-year-old British man who died in the fire and whose wife is missing.

The fire struck the area shortly after 6pm on Thursday and destroyed well over 8,000 hectares by the time it was finally under full control on Sunday evening. We are told that there are still firefighters who stayed behind to cool down certain areas and prevent any new outbreak.

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