Thursday, 20 September 2012

Andalucía high schools start term with 4,502 fewer teachers

I.E.S. Bahía de Algeciras
Primary school kids will not be getting computers
SEVILLA The Councillor for Education of the Junta de Andalucía, Mar Moreno, announced at a press conference recently that her department had managed to maintain the ratio of teacher to children without increasing it (the number of kids per class) as the central government has allowed it to do though recommending otherwise. She was proud to say that she has also been able to maintain the scholarship schemes untouched and help for families. At the same press conference, Moreno admitted that teachers will have to "make a greater effort", earn less and work more. The 'loss' of 4,502 secondary school teachers is owed to the expansionof working hours, something Madrid was not allowing Andalucía to dispute. On another matter, the Councillor confirmed that fifth grade primary students will not be receiving computers, as their predecessors have, because the central government was "not collaborating" with their financing. However, this decision creates a saving of between €20m and €30million. It also obliges the Junta to design an alternative that is not yet established but that allows for those existing 'digital' classrooms to be used effectively.

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