Thursday, 20 September 2012

Man arrested for posing as dentist and dental technician

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He had been practising for 3 years at his mother's home
LA LÍNEA The National Police recently arrested J.A.M.R., 50, for allegedly practising odontology without a licence. He is charged with swindling. In a press release, the police said that the man had been carrying out his illegal practice for about three years. After receiving a complaint regarding the false dentist and dental technician they investigated and found that his practice was established at his mother's residence, where a sister also lived. He was using a false name, too, and had diplomas and licences in that name hanging on the walls. However, both the Official College of Odontologists and that of  Dental Technicians told the investigators that there was nobody in either the real or the false name registered with them, so that was another reason for the man's arrest. After several weeks' watch, the police obtained a court order to check the premises, all of which led to the man's arrest.

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