Friday, 5 July 2013

Isola wins by-election for GSLP with 10% margin

Triumphal march

GIBRALTAR (GBC) The GSLP's Albert Isola has won the by-election, clinching approximately 10% more votes than the GSD's Marlene Nahon. Of the 10,033 votes cast, almost 4,899 went to Mr Isola. Disregarding the 204 spoilt and blank ballot papers, the GSLP candidate got a nod from 49.8% of the electorate.>>>

Albert Isola 49.8%
Taking to the stage after the results were read out by the Returning Officer Melvyn Farrell, Mr Isola said: "I'd like to thank the people of Gibraltar for entrusting me with their vote... it's a pleasure, privilege and honour to serve them in the Parliament. I look forward to doing that in much the same way, (with) the same degree of honesty, sincerity and integrity that Charles Bruzon taught us."
Marlene Nahon  40.0%
Ms Nahon got 3,927 votes, representing 40.0% of the vote. Addressing the crowd inside the John Mackintosh Hall theatre, she said she thinks it's a result the GSD could build on.
She thanked the Leader of the Opposition for giving her the opportunity to stand for the GSD in the by-election.  Ms Nahon described Daniel Feetham as a "very close friend", thanking him for working "so hard with me, and inspiring me to work hard for this community".
Nick Cruz  7.0%
Nick Cruz got 688, or 7.0% of the votes. He said the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) had tried at three elections to give a simple message: "That we can all do politics in a slightly different way, perhaps in a more measured way".
But - Mr Cruz acknowledged - the message from the electorate has also been clear, and taking on the dominant two parties has been a "huge challenge".
"Over the next few weeks we will reflect on what the future has in store for our party and me within that party", said Mr Cruz. During the election campaign, the PDP leader said another disappointing result could see him step back from frontline politics.
Bryan Zammit  3.2%
Bryan Zammit attracted 315 votes, just 3.2% of the total. As an independent candidate, he had built his campaign around challenging party politics. But in the early hours of Friday morning he admitted the result indicated that Gibraltarians are happy to continue with the present system of politics.

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