Thursday, 13 September 2012

Frontier crossings register 36,000 people and 10,000 vehicles every day in 2011

An unusual sight in the summer
National Police arrested 196 in 2011, Guardia Civil confiscate 627,202 tobacco units
LA LÍNEA  (Agencies) The above figures were handed over to the local authorities yesterday by the Government Sub-Delegate for the Province, Javier de la Torre. He also visited the customs area and met with senior representatives of Customs, Guardia Civil and National Police, with whom he discussed matters related to traffic, human resources and building maintenance, among others. De la Torre saw at first hand the situation of the Gibraltar frontier post. Some of the figures dealt with at the meeting: SOON YOU WILL  BE UNABLE TO SEE THE REST OF ITEMS SUCH AS THIS UNLESS YOU SUBSCRIBE.
  • The National Police controlled the crossing in both directions of over 26,675,000 people and over 7,331,000 vehicles in 2011.
  • Similar numbers for the first half of this year: 7,374,059 perople and 2,082,886 vehícles.
  • Average daily crossings: 36,000 people and 10,000 vehicles, 180 lorries and 40 buses.
  • 196 people were arrested for reasons such as outstanding arrest warrants, fake documentation, pending extradition proceedings etc.
  • Customs agents registered almost 185,000 searches on customary travellers in all of 2011
  • Over 132,000 searches carried out in the first half of this year.
  • Guardia Civil and Customs between them confiscated 627.202 tobacco units (i.e. cigarette packets and roll-up pouches), 73 kilos of Hashish.
  • 2,004 vehicles were taken into custody.

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