Monday, 3 September 2012

Marijuana by the river

Illustration only
JIMENA Agents of the Guardia Civil recently found some 51 kilos of cannabis plants by the river at San Pablo de Buceite, part of the municipality of Jimena. The plants were hidden among bramble thickets, and the GC came across them on an operation against illegal hunting in the area, which is known as a place used for hiding. They saw a pathway through the brambles leading to a small plot where the marijuana was harvested, cut and laying on the ground ready for processing. Nearby were several barrels containing water, which irrigated the plantation via a rudimentary drip system. The plants were confiscated and the matter was put in the hands of the courts at San Roque. The local GC area's most recent haul before this was at Sotogrande, where they confiscated 180 kilos.

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