Monday, 3 September 2012

Fires in Spain: animals also suffer, but be careful with the appeals

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SPAIN /Marbella The fires that have raged throughout Spain this summer have impacted not only the people who have died in them, the injured and their families, and many homes, but also the animals in their vicinity. Wild or domestic, they will surely have suffered enormously. To bring this awareness closer to home, the fire that swept through the Marbella area over the weekend, caused the death of over 75 domestic pets, according to one source. Where these figures come from, we don't know, as the authorities rarely if ever give out anything related to animals in such cases. In any case, a number of Facebook and other appeals are under way. We are trying to locate the genuine ones and will publish them as soon as we can, but please be aware that scam artists are also looking for your money. (Watch this space, but if you have any information on genuine appeals, please let us know!)

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