Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Muggers and bag snatchers preying on us on the other side of the frontier

GIBRALTAR (Panorama by David Eade) 'On Monday I became a crime statistic. Not of the RGP but the National Police in La Línea. I guess having reached my advanced age it had on the laws of average to happen at some time and now it has. At least I wasn’t attacked, held at knife point or murdered: had it been the latter you wouldn’t be reading this. My car was parked just across the border by the open land used for La Línea’s fair. I put my bag on the back seat, got in the front and instead of driving off as I always do paused to send a text message. Suddenly the back door opened, a helmeted yob grabbed my bag then raced across the road and was off on his mate’s moto.' (Read the rest of the article online at Panorama.)

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