Monday, 1 October 2012

Arrested for Gibraltar access scam

Ticket not needed
LA LÍNEA (Agencies) A man was arrested on Tuesday for taking €40 from the occupants of a British-registered car queueing to enter Gibraltar. According to the Local Police, who arrested J.L.M., 38, shortly after the incident, he asked the tourists for money to gain access to the Rock, and when he saw a couple of €20 bills in the passenger's hands, he snatched them and ran away. Local Police close by caught up with him and he taken to the National Police station, where the British tourists were filling in the complaints form, and were able to recover their cash. This kind of scam has been going on for many years, although less so now than before. If you know a tourist headed for Gibraltar, warn them that there is no charge for crossing the frontier. (You might want to warn them about 'irregularities' in the queue going in, though.)

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