Friday, 19 October 2012

Beware of .zip files in email scams, viruses and malware

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These are just two examples of emails we have received recently. Both of them contain Zip files as attachments (files with .zip terminations). If you open them (that is, unzip them), they can, and often do, spread nasties all over your computer. Sometimes they come as part of a scam or con, sometimes they contain viruses and sometimes they are full of malware (short for malicious software: see Wikipedia). The rule is: if you don't know the sender, bin it. In these two cases, the PayPal one doesn't look at all like anything we have ever received from them, except the logo, which is very easy to copy, as is any logo. And we don't have a contract of any kind, nor any connection with Vodafone. COMING SOON: SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION.

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