Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Bullfighter accused of money laundering

Salvador Barberán
Part of large anti-corruption operation
ALGECIRAS Salvador Barberán, a promising young bullfighter from Algeciras, and his manager, Pablo Cano, were arrested last week in an operation that the National Police have been developing since September, and which is still open and under sub judice regulations. According to sources close to the matter, Barberán and his manager were sent to the Botafuegos prison, although 'there are at least two more' jailed in the same case. Initially, some twenty people were detained and questioned, after a series of properties in Algeciras and on the Costa del Sol appeared almost simultaneously on property registries. Several were subsequently released. The case is 'substantial' and is part of the macro-operation we reported in Jimena property in money laundering scandal article of earlier this month. The involvement of Barberán, who became a fully fledged matador at the Algeciras Feria earlier this year, has caused much surprise in his native town. UPDATE: Barberán and his manager were released after reportedly paying bail of €20,000.

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