Friday, 19 October 2012

Gibraltar, the centre of large smuggling gang

Spanish Customs agents arrest 15 and searches properties in Cataluña and Andalucía
SEVILLA Fifteen arrests and eleven searches are the first results of a new operation against contraband, as well as confiscation of goods and cash worth ove €6,000,000. According to a press note released by Customs, the detainees are members of a gang that distributed contraband tobacco, smuggled from Gibraltar, Andorraa and the Canary Islands, throughout he country. The haul consisted of €43,000 in cash, 117 silver coins, one gold  ingot, three boats, 44 vehicles, current bank accounts and 55 properties. The present operation is derived from an earlier one, Operación Raya, in which 13 were arrested and 70,000 cigarette packs confiscated. The organization distributed their 'goods' by land and sea, using hired vehicles, courier services, trucks and containers.

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