Monday, 1 October 2012

Moonfire over Jimena, yesterday evening, by Renate Schubert

JIMENA Renate took this photo of the moon rising from her terrace at El Águila, in Jimena. It was quite a sight. And, for that matter, so was her party, where numerous -enormous numbers- of resident and visiting dogs barked about all over the place, chasing each other and having a lot of fun. The (human) guests were excited and having a great time, too. Food was fantastic (a couple of dogs agree), drinks aplenty (one alcoholic hound was barking with a slur, so we guess she agrees, too) ... Until it was time to say, hasta pronto, Renate. She has been instrumental in setting up the Jimena Animal Welfare Society (J.A.W.S.) as well as caring for a very good number of our four-legged friends (that's FOUR-legged, missus, not cross-legged, definitely not), five of which she's taking home with her to South Africa. She will be missed.

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