Thursday, 25 October 2012

Over 500 families evicted so far this year

Algeciras Courthouse
Free advice and counselling at offices in regional capitals and Algeciras
CAMPO DE GIBRALTAR According to several area media, which cite court sources, the jurisdictions of Algeciras, La Línea and San Roque have issued 240, 225 and 90 eviction notices, respectively - largely for non-payment of mortgages, rarely for rentals -  up to October 1 this year. The four courts of first instance in Algeciras, for example, issue between 20 and 25 orders per quarter. La Línea's four courts average about 20, and San Roque, with only two such courts, issues about 15, proportionately a higher rate. The figures corroborate the tendency towards a significant increase in the number of evictions in Andalucía, which have gone up by 34.1% in the the first half of this year. COMING SOON: SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION >>>
The total for the region over that period is 7,133 eviction orders, which puts it second on a list headed by 
Valencia's 9,370.

The figures for Andalucía, province by province look as follows:
Málaga 2,055 (+14.1%)
Granada 1,177 (+30.3%)
Cádiz 1,053 (+62%)
Almería 889 (+36.5)
Sevilla 421 (+26%)
Jaén 559 (+73%)
Huelva 533 (+51.8%)
Córdoba 446 (+45.5%)

In an effort to lessen the impact of evictions, the Junta's Council for Development and Housing has opened offices in all the region's capital cities whose job it is to mediate in eviction processes. It is a free service aimed at offering advice on the subject, by a team of qualified personnel, including lawyers, finance counsellors and social workers.

The Campo de Gibraltar is also to have its own office, to be opened later this month on the second floor of the Junta's offices in Algeciras (Paseo Conferencia, 0,  11207 Algeciras, Cádiz, 956 570 574).

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