Wednesday, 28 November 2012

'An animal is not a toy' says J.A.W.S.

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JIMENA J.A.W.S. (Jimena Animal Welfare Society) has created this campaign, in English and Spanish, for this year's Christmas giving season.  In common with other similar organizations all over the world, J.A.W.S. believes that it is necessary to remind people that a pet is not just a gift, but a living, breathing being that needs care, attention and love for its whole life. If you think this is true, please link this item to all your friends. Below you will find the objectives under which J.A.W.S. has been working since the famous luncheon last July. (Also, if you type 'animal welfare' into the search facility on the sidebar, you will see many CampoPulse items on the subject. And don't forget this coming Sunday's Christmas Fayre at Casa Henrietta, where J.A.W.S. has several stalls.)>>>
The J.A.W.S. objective is:
  • To encourage animal owners to take better care of their animals. 
  • To provide castration and spaying services for cats and dogs at a cost all can afford. 
  • To reduce the amount of stray cats and dogs and control this population by providing a castration and spaying service for these. 
  • To provide education in schools on how to care for animals and to teach the younger generations respect and empathy for animals. 
  • To provide information on the animal rights laws in Spain.
  • To provide information on the process of reporting abuse.
  • To work with the local authorities who up hold the law where animals are concerned (SEPRONA) and where appropriate prosecute those who violate these.

We are NOT a rescue centre and CANNOT take animals and look after them until they are re-homed. We can, however, provide help and resources short term to facilitate this and work with local charities to enable this. But this is not our prime objective. 

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