Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Today is a dog day, find out why

JIMENA There are three dog items in this article. The illustration on the left is by Spanish Stray Dogs, who say: "For this Reason Spanish Stray Dogs has taken the decision as it does every year NOT to rehome any Puppy under 3 months old until after the 7th Jan 2013. DOGS ARE FOR LIFE NOT FOR CHRISTMAS. Remember older dogs make better pets!!!!" Below you will find a photo of a puppy that was found in Jimena, and two older dogs that belonged to a lady who passed away recently, and are looking for a home.

Broxi and Lady sadly looking for a new home due to there mum Janet passing away. Please everyone seeing this picture share it. Come on Jimena lets find them a loving new home together. There is one out there somewhere. Thank you.

This is the puppy which has been picked up. Personally I think she is lost and an owner no doubt looking for her, so therefore will try and get some better pics of her tomorrow when it's light and get some posters done and hopefully find her owner. She isn't chipped and is around 3 or 4 months old. Very very friendly and confident around people, so I think been part of a family. She was found out on the road near Casa Grande in Jimena and had been hanging round there for the last couple of days. (Note: with a better photo, we can put up posters and send to TioJimeno, etc.)

Also, please remember that on Sunday, December 2, there is a Christmas market at Casa Henrietta, with several tables in aid of the Jimena Animal Welfare Society (J.A.W.S.). See JAWS Prez says: No clothes please!

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