Friday, 9 November 2012

Another reason Spain is in the mess it's in: cheap lunches at €3.55

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Employers Association boss has concessions for Congress restaurants
MADRID The headline might surprise you - until you know who the lunches are for: Deputies and Senators at the Senators' restaurant. A few days ago, journalist Melchor Mirales, who works for ABC (a Right wing newspaper, it must be said) was interviewing the head of the Madrid Employers Association, Arturo Fernández, who is also the concessionaire of the Senate, Deputies and Madrid Assembly restaurants. Mirales asked him how it was possible to offer a three-course Menu of the Day for only €3,55. Fernández began denying that this was tue, that that was not the right amount, that it would be impossible to do so. And so on. What he didn't know was>>>
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