Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Arcgisa to collect used domestic oil

One litre of oil can contaminate 1000 litres of water
CAMPO DE GIBRALTAR Arcgisa, the Campo's waste management company, yesterday signed an agreement with a subcontractor, Hermanos Padilla, who has the concession to pick up and recycle used domestic oil for the next five years. 114 containers, with a 420-capacity each, will be installed at permanent public markets and Puntos Limpios recycling centres, as well as in certain streets or other locations in the seven municipalities in the area. All we have to do is put the oil into a plastic bottle (image), sel it with its top, and place it in a container. That way, both the oil and the bottle get recycled. The oil will be used for making bio-fuel, according to the concessionaires. To start with, the containers will be emptied once a month, until an information campaign is finished and the best routes have been determined. They also pointed out that a single litre of oil poured down the drain can contaminate over 1,000 litres of water, aside from creating blockages and problems at the water purifying plants. Bars and restaurants can apply for a free 25-litre container that will be identified and controlled, so they can be properly registered and then removed, with a certificate of proper usage, which is required by law.

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