Tuesday, 13 November 2012

88.5% of lost jobs were Spanish workers'

Monument to Spanish frontier
workers, La Línea
(Photo: lalineadigital.es)
Picardo government often denied that stopped projects mainly impacted Spanish workers
GIBRALTAR Statistics issued by Government reveal that of the  total 998 jobs lost in the construction industry on the Rock between September 2011 and September 2012, 884 were held by Spanish nationals. Last year, there were 1,566 full time Spanish workers in the building trade, out of a total registered workers of 3,335. Of these, 1,121 were British. Twelve months later, the construction business had lost 998, for a total of 2,337 employed. While 884 Spaniards lost their jobs in that year, the number of British construction workers had risen by six to 1,127.  As local Spanish media says, Fabian Picardo's government has denied on several occasions that projects put on hold since the beginning of his mandate would mainly impact Spanish frontier workers.

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