Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Cádiz food bank sends eight tons to San Roque

Illustration only
SAN ROQUE Protección Civil (PC) volunteers transported a total of eight tons of foodstuffs from the Cádiz provincial Food Bank at Puerto Real, to be distributed as ordered by the municipal Social Welfare offices. Among the food brought in are olive oil, white rice, baby, tins of tuna, biscuits, tinned fruit, baby continuation milk, tinned green beans, lentils, milk, pasta, tinned tomato, juices, and other items. The procedure to obtain help from the food bank is as follows: each case must be evaluated by the social workers at the municipal Welfare and Equality office, who will establish lack of resources and/or family; PC will distribute the boxes to residents who do not live in the main part of the town - these can pick them up at the PC centre at Cuatro Vientos. Others will receive their boxes at home, having previously established time and place.

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